Amber spirit; Nalewka bursztynowa

Oh… that You must be joking; a shot of vodka which tastes like amber? Hello…..!!
No, I’m Serious, we’re talking about polish folk medicine. An infusion of the gravel baltic amber with 95 -98 % pure alcohol or spiritus, infused in 10 days for every 50 grams of amber to a half a litre spiritus. Then used some drops to your favorite beverage, tea or juices favorably, even better; a glass of water.
There is no clinical dosage about how many drops in what duration one should do the regimen. Some people suggesting a pyramid cycle within 10 days. Day one, starts with a drop of amber spirit, then day two with two drops, day third with three drops, until ten drops for ten days consecutively. Then second cycle, the reverse action, starts with ten drops in a continuum until day ten with a drops only.
Some liquor lovers prefer to infuse the 50 grams amber with 0.4 lt of 98% spiritus, then drink it in a vodka shot ( eww….).

But, how does this folk medicine work?
Amber is frost resin from millions of years. Resinous chemical composition is soluble in alcohol, therefore the infusion needs the pure spirit. By temperature, this frosted resin will be melting in 200 degrees, yielding an oily amber’s residue. The attribute of amber’s resin more likely similar to the attributes of propolis on the bee hives , they both are made from resin. Research claimed Propolis is the source of natural antibiotics, while the infusion between amber and spiritus is believed as a cure of many mild discomforts to chronical complains. Empirically people claimed the amber spirit is reducing or curing : influenza, asthma, rheumatics, problems with heart and lungs.

Particularly with baltic amber which is claimed rich in succinic acid ( 3 – 8%). This accid is a vital biochemical in citric acid cyle, a complex and particular chemical reactions of enzymes in the essence of living cell which requires oksygen for external respiration. Generally, citric acid cyle also known as an indicator for chemical balance in a healthy being, particularly human.

If I have to conclude or synthesize why this amber spirit empirically is believed to help or cure many discomfort or diseases, then my hypothesis would take its stake from the role of succinic acid in citric acid cycle modification of the reaction of atomic bodies in a living cell.

Well, I haven’t walked the talk. Those packs of baltic ambers gravels bought in Gdansk are still awaiting to be used. But buying pure spiritus is a kind of weird thing 🙂

picture taken from wikipedia, but this amber is not the ambers type for ‘nalewka bursztynowa’ Or Amber tonic.

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